Can I cancel my order after I've placed it?

If you've placed your order using cash on delivery (COD), you can cancel your order before we fulfilled your order, please call us on our number: +962799499973 or send an email to:, with your name and order number As soon as possible before the shipment is sent to you.
Note: Cash on delivery (COD) available for Jordan only.
However, if you've paid with any other payment method, there are varying time limits in which you can cancel your order dependent on which delivery option you've chosen.

When will the funds be back in my account after I've cancelled an order?
When you place an order with credit cards, the funds are reserved for us - we don't actually take the money until your order has been confirmed and sent to our warehouse. If you cancel your order, we don't take the money however it may take up to 10 working days for your bank or card issuer to make your funds available to you again.

Why is the 'Cancel order' button not available?
If the 'Cancel' button is not available, it's too late for you or our Customer Care team to cancel your order. You can return your order to us once you've received it